Written by Cato Jun

Edited by Rodlyn Mae-Banting

poetry is made when

people read.

they go line by line,

verse by verse,

word by word.

they take in more and more,

more than they thought

they would ever be comfortable with.

poetry is made

to obsess.

from discomfort forms delusion,

a fascination with fantasy.

there is magic in the message,

one that captures

the elixir of expression,

perhaps overflowing until

it is too much.

poetry is where

enough is enough.

the blend of reality and reverie

blurs into distinction.

sometimes the rose-colored lenses

fog up enough to match

the nine pink clouds.

suddenly every clears.

poetry is made by


some people say eureka

while others say aha.

either way,

it is clear

that you are the one who reeks

of the passion you seep into your words.

poetry is made with


you are your muse,

your own music,

a new genre

that generates your own vibe.

it is an ode to you.

poetry is made when

people obsess enough to remember you.

Illustration by Angie Orbeta
Instagram: @qngelie

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