Written by 전현수 | Cato

Edited by Rodlyn Mae-Banting

처음에는| in the beginning,

단 하나만 있었다. | there was only one.

남북 따짐없이| without arguing about the south and north,

세대 차이없이| without a generational gap

가족 떨어짐없이| without family strewn apart,

하나였었다. | there was one.

중간에는 | in the middle

적이아닌 가족을 싸웠다. | was a fight not against enemy, but against family.

끝? | the end?

아니, 끝은 없다. | no, there is no end.

답이 아직 없다. | there is no answer.

적은 서로가 아니고 시간이다 – | the enemy is not each other, but time –

서로를 더 멀어지게하는 시간. | time that separates us further from each other.

Illustration by Aniqa Ahmed
Instagram: @aniqarts

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