Written By Cato

Edited By Rodlyn Mae-Banting

red – life

the very blood

that is thicker than water,

connecting us

to our LGBTQ+ siblings

or the blood shed

by those who thinned it out

to a line they do not cross

and do not understand.


orange – healing

sweet and sour,

as we try to put

the slurs behind us

and try to reclaim them,

for our sakes

as it becomes a new standard,

a new black.


yellow – sunlight

a burst of energy

as flamboyancy is a part of our fun,

as fashion

is a part of our expression,

as pride

is a part of our name.


green – nature

the flowers now grow

where pansies brighten a space

for gay men,

where violets weave a crown for lesbians,

where roses are no longer on graves for trans people.

the colorful blossoms

are in full bloom.


blue – harmony

we are all on a spectrum,

with blurs in the lines,

with shades between colors.

to cause discord

within the community

between gay and bi,

trans and enby,

only muddles the hues.

this is the que

to lighten with white,

to darken with black,

to mix with the ambiguity.


purple – spirit

we are the kings and queens

who no longer dance on our own.

we will rock you

as we want to break free,

so don’t stop us now.

we are now underneath

the purple rain.

Illustration by Ajunie Virk
Instagram: @ajunie.b.jones

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