About the Zine Staff

Katherine Leung

Zine Editor in Chief

Katherine is an art teacher and artist from California and also curates two other zines: Canto Cutie and Dead Dads Club! Her favorite places in Asia are Kyzyl, Taipei and Hong Kong. Fun fact from Katherine: “I could eat Hong Kong-style egg waffles for days.”



Misha Patel

Zine Editor

Misha is a high school student from Tampa, FL. She’s passionate about the humanities and recently became interested in writing. She is also very passionate about music, playing the violin and the snare drum for her school’s pipe band! In her free time she loves to write, bake, and play video games.

Sammie Riedman

Zine Editor

Sammie is a writer, farmer, and social activist based in Seattle, WA. She graduated from the Evergreen State College in 2019 with a BAS in Ecological Agriculture and Sociology. Her love language is leading seminar and gift giving. Fun fact from Sammie: “I am permanently craving taro milk tea. If you can’t tell, I’m a Taurus.”

Baotran Truong

Graphic Designer

Baotran is a linguistics major and film/tv minor at UCLA. When she is not trying to dismantle the patriarchy or unlearn noxious capitalist values, Baotran is sipping home-made milk tea while watching a show or movie she’s already seen 17 times. She can be found with her Australian shepherd at dog parks throughout Los Angeles. Always looking to consume more books, preferably while under a fuzzy blanket as one of her spotify playlists plays in the background.

Jaden Chee

Jaden is a high school student based in Massachusetts. Jaden is a photographer and musician who occasionally writes poetry, and feels strongly about too many humanitarian issues. She handmade earrings and knit hats in her spare time to raise money for various charities, and reads and alarming number of webtoons and drinks a little too many matcha lattes.

Grace Vo

Zine Staff

Grace is a working artist based in Massachusetts. Grace likes to paint abstractly but is also into mixed media. She just launched her own scrunchie shop called Up&Down where she sells handmade vintage/thrifted scrunchies! In her free time, Grace likes to play animal crossing and cook. A big fan of a good rainbow roll and a crunch banh xeo.

Grace’s Art

Up&Down Scrunchies