Our Mission

Asians in the Arts is a community organization that strives to elevate artists of the Asian diaspora and Pacific Islander ancestry and their work. API perspectives, in every place where they are marginalized, have been blocked from gaining wider attention in artistic fields. We believe in the power of the arts to shift national conversations and cultures. As such, we see artistic equity for the API community as a facilitator to equality for the community as a whole.

Our goal is to support artists of the API diaspora through three main channels. 

  1. By giving these artists a larger platform through showcases, publication, reviews work, interviews etc. on both social media and our website. 
  2. By creating content centered around API identity and the arts. This content includes pieces of original prose and poetry, opinion pieces, and infographics. 
  3. By creating a community of API artists through resources and programming that benefit the community, sharing stories of what it’s like to be an API artist, and by providing ways for less privileged API to share their voice through art.