Asians in the Arts exists to encourage Asian diasporic representation in all artistic fields, by celebrating existing artists and narratives of the Asian diaspora.

Our Work

Our work spans platforms.

On here, you’ll be able to find interviews, news on upcoming releases or events from Asian artists, opinions on Asian representation, reviews of books, movies, music etc., as well as art, fiction, and poetry.

This website also will play host to the upcoming Asian Artist Marketplace. This marketplace is our way to allow more visual artists to share their work. There, you’ll be able to find artists, information about them, pictures of past and current work, and a link to purchase their work if they are currently selling.

On Instagram, you can find us posting daily updates on the Asian artistic community. From upcoming tv shows, to online play readings, to new books and more, we strive to provide daily updates and give you more ways to support Asian artists. Increasingly, we are making an effort to publicize and give a platform to lesser known Asian artists as well as big names.

Finally, we have the zine. Once every two months (after a break in Aug/Sept. 2020), we put out The Asian American Arts Zine full of interviews, articles, fiction poetry, and art made by both us and our audience. Feel free to read past editions of the zine here. If you want to know how to submit to an upcoming issue, make sure to look for updates on our Instagram.

Well, that’s what we’re up to right now. However, we’re always looking for more ways to support Asian artists. Make sure to check our social media for any updates on upcoming events or project launches.

If you would like to know more, have any questions, or are an artist looking to utilize our platform, feel free to contact us!