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Asian Aesthetics on European Faces

A Monopoly on the Beauty Standard in a World of Professionalism In a world of evolving beauty standards, each generation creates a new narrative for what it means to be “professional.” More and more young adults are embracing their culture, and simultaneously searching for jobs. In South Asia, nose piercings have been a cultural norm for years— women get their noses pierced with either a … Continue reading Asian Aesthetics on European Faces

The Dinner Table/Family Recipes

Growing up, the dinner table at my parent’s house always felt like a space where most of the meals came from family recipes, passed down. As an Asian American kid, only eating from these family recipes felt so restricting and unadventurous. When I finally went to university, I had all this freedom to eat anything I wanted in the dining halls; the options were endless … Continue reading The Dinner Table/Family Recipes

Paper Cranes

Growing up, family gatherings were a scarcity, taking place only before a cousin went off to college, or after a loved one passed away. On this occasion, the latter was true. How unusual it was to have all the Mak siblings and their children together in one room! Every reunion felt like a leap in time, cousins growing taller and more mature, uncles developing wrinkles … Continue reading Paper Cranes


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