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Asian Aesthetics on European Faces

A Monopoly on the Beauty Standard in a World of Professionalism In a world of evolving beauty standards, each generation creates a new narrative for what it means to be “professional.” More and more young adults are embracing their culture, and simultaneously searching for jobs. In South Asia, nose piercings have been a cultural norm for years— women get their noses pierced with either a … Continue reading Asian Aesthetics on European Faces

The Dinner Table/Family Recipes

Growing up, the dinner table at my parent’s house always felt like a space where most of the meals came from family recipes, passed down. As an Asian American kid, only eating from these family recipes felt so restricting and unadventurous. When I finally went to university, I had all this freedom to eat anything I wanted in the dining halls; the options were endless … Continue reading The Dinner Table/Family Recipes