There’s Cherry Blossoms on the Road We’re Heading

She appeared around October, or maybe it was November, I don’t really remember. Whenever it was, I do recall the scent of cinnamon, spiced apples, and Autumn leaves. Currently as I write this, I’m even less sure of whether I recall spiced apples because I loved her in the iAutumn or if it was the scent of her perfume. Continue reading There’s Cherry Blossoms on the Road We’re Heading

Paper Cranes

Growing up, family gatherings were a scarcity, taking place only before a cousin went off to college, or after a loved one passed away. On this occasion, the latter was true. How unusual it was to have all the Mak siblings and their children together in one room! Every reunion felt like a leap in time, cousins growing taller and more mature, uncles developing wrinkles … Continue reading Paper Cranes