Join the Team!

We’re always looking for members of the Asian community, who are passionate about the arts and/or pop culture, to join our team! This includes Department Directors, Writers, Artists, Content Creators and much more! See a list of open positions below, along with a link to apply. We can’t wait to work with you!

P.S.- If you have a skill that doesn’t fit one of the positions listed below, feel free to fill out the form and we’ll loop you in for future projects.

Open Positions

Content Creators

News + Op-ed writer

  • Write short, informative pieces about upcoming projects by asians artists, reviews of music/books/movies etc (by or featuring Asian artists), opinions on anything representation related
  • Write pieces at intersection of the Asian community and the arts/pop-culture
  • Pieces are 6-8 minutes read time, written twice a month
  • Can also write longer piece once a month

Prose + Poetry writer

  • Write short pieces (6-8 minutes read time for prose, 20+ lines for poetry) twice a month OR
  • One long piece once a month


  • Illustrate written pieces twice a month OR
  • publish standalone art twice a month

Graphic Designer 

  • Illustrate written pieces twice a month
  • can also publish  standalone art

News + Op-eds Editor

  • Edit 2+ pieces a week, can also write own articles
  • Needs to have experience writing analytical and/or informative and/or opinion pieces

Prose + Poetry Editor

  • Edit 2+ pieces a week, can also write own prose/poetry of your own
  • Needs to have experience writing prose or/and poetry 

Web Developer

  • Edit the website on an as-needed basis
  • Upload writing/art to website
  • 2-3 hours per week
  • Should be proficient in CSS 

Video+Audio Content Creation Team

  • Brainstorm content that resonates with our audience
  • Help to create video+audio content 
  • Passionate about the Asian community and culture
  • Previous experience creating audio/video content a plus

Department Teams

Zine Staff

  • Help to design the layout of the zine
  • Reach out to artists for interviews in the zine
  • Pick pieces to be in the zine
  • Help create the zine

Marketing Team

  • Handle social media 
  • Increase audience reach
  • Work with other departments to promote projects/events

Initiative Team

  • Help brainstorm and launch new projects
  • Help maintain ongoing projects

Outreach Team

  • Recruit new writers/artists/team members
  • Maintain relationships between AitA and outside artists/organizations
  • Arrange interviews
  • Arrange collaborations